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Product Liability

The members of your Florida Trial Team have successfully defended a variety of lawsuits arising out incidents involving allegedly defective products. Product liability litigation may involve allegations of strict liability, negligent design and manufacture or breach of implied warranty.

Unfortunately, it is often irrelevant whether the manufacturer or supplier exercised great care in designing or manufacturing the product. If someone is killed or injured while using a product, it often results in litigation against anyone involved in the process of designing, manufacturing or selling the product. This type of litigation can threaten the very existence of businesses involved in the manufacturing and sale of products used by people in their everyday lives.

Our experience has allowed us to successfully protect the interests of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and designers of numerous types of consumer and commercial products, including appliances, avionics, tools, industrial equipment, vehicles, component parts, chemicals, and many others.

Your Florida Trial Team is committed to providing aggressive and efficient representation in this rather highly technical area of the law. Please call upon us for assistance if you or your business are being sued on account of an alleged defective product.

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