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Police Liability

At your Florida Trial Team, we have successfully defended numerous law enforcement officers and agencies in state and federal court throughout Florida. We are familiar with state and federal theories of liability against law enforcement officers and agencies, and are equally familiar with the defenses that are available to prevail on these claims.

These complex claims, including a variety of allegations of false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive force, wrongful death, improper or negligent discipline, training, or supervision, violations of constitutional and civil rights, and negligence and other claims, require detailed investigations well in advance of any litigation and court proceedings.

Our police liability defense team includes Robert E. Bonner and David R. Lane. Mr. Bonner is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with over 34 years of experience. In addition to being an attorney, Mr. Lane is also a graduate of the law enforcement academy at Seminole Community College, a sworn reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and, an FDLE certified general instructor, legal instructor and firearms instructor, and an adjunct instructor at the Criminal Justice Institute of Valencia Community College where he teaches both basic recruits and sworn law enforcement officers on a variety of legal and courtroom topics.

Mr. Bonner and Mr. Lane devote the majority of their practice to police liability matters and are available for consultation, seminars, and training. The Firm recognizes the wide ranging impact that police liability claims have on law enforcement and is dedicated to protect and serve those who protect and serve.

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