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Diversity Statement

Our Diversity is our Strength

Meier, Bonner, Muszynski O’Dell & Harvey, PA is a firm whose strength is rooted in its commitment to diversity.  Since the creation of the Firm, a culture of inclusivity and pursuit of progress has assisted its counsel in defending a wide range businesses and individuals.  The Firm prides itself as being a law firm that has continuously created an environment that encourages the inclusion of different dynamic personalities regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious preferences.

The Firm is committed to the proposition that the ability to provide outstanding service to its clients is enhanced by the perspectives of attorneys with a wide variety of life experiences, cultural backgrounds and values. An inclusive firm culture incorporating a mix of perspectives enhances the firm’s ability to provide successful legal solutions to its clients.

The firm views diversity and inclusion as more than just catchphrases. Unlike others who may merely tout a commitment to diversity, at Meier, Bonner, Muszynski O’Dell & Harvey, PA our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in providing meaningful opportunities that have resulted in African-American and female shareholders having a substantial voice in the operation of the firm. We are truly committed to a philosophy that an organization can only survive and thrive through diversity.

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